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Three sustainable and vegan summer handbags

These bags are only suggestions, so stay true to what YOU like. You might find something secondhand, or borrow from a friend if you are interested in changing up your style. Never buy something if you don’t want it a 100 %.

1. The grocery net 

The grocery net can be used for… well, grocery shopping, but it’s also super neat to use for all your belongings when you are out and about. You can find it in all kinds of colors, but the classic white/nature white is my personal favorite, as it goes with every outfit. Make sure you buy from a brand that uses organic material and is certified ethical, or secondhand. And it’s perfect for zero waste and plastic free shopping. You can even use it to store all the good stuff you buy afterwards. Last but not least, it fits perfect inside all regular sized backpacks and handbags, so you’ll never have an excuse not to bring one with you.


2. The cork bag

Cork is a great sustainable and vegan alternative to leather. Cork comes from the cork oak, and is a renewable material, 100% natural, can be recycled and it’s biodegradable. I love my cork bag to death and I’m so glad I invested in something so durable and timeless that will last me for years and years to come. And bonus points: It’s cruelty-free. I have previously written a whole blog post about cork, so you can check that one out HERE if you want even more details.


3. The straw bag 

A straw bag is the perfect accessorize during summer, and it can be use for so many purposes like going to the beach, grocery shopping, keeping all your belongings together and I’m sure a lot of other things as well. Many straw bags can be found secondhand or vintage, and as with the other two alternatives in this blog post, it’s also a great vegan alternative to leather handbags.

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